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by Gary Jack

Extremely pleased with my latest appointment wit Dr. Gallagher. As always, he and the staff were very pleasant and very professional!

by Jarrel Jimmerson

Dr. Gallagher has been a great surgeon, both before the procedure and after. He took the time to discuss my personal diagnosis, treatment options, and let me make the best decision for myself. I had my procedure last week and have been very happy with the results so far. His follow up care has been top notch as well. I would highly recommend his services...


Dr. Gallagher is Amazing .... gentle and honest ..,

by Denise Baker

Just had my 2 year Post Op follow up with D. Sean Gallagher. His staff is very courteous and helpful. Dr. Gallagher is one of the few the actually cares about his patients and listens to all concerns. He will give his honest opinion and explains in great details so you know what to expect.

by Raul Flores

Excellent experience with Dr. Amis and Staff members thank you .

by Gary Jack

I just had a follow up visit with Dr. Amis and once again had a totally professional visit. The staff was great in all aspects, and Dr. Amis answered all of my questions completely. A wonderful experience!!

by Larry G. Hansen

Excellent experience. Thank you.

by Dr. Karl Cloninger

The best care, concern, and communications with other physicians ever. It was a complicated case, and we all came out winners! Thanks Dr. Gallagher!

by Debbie

Dr. Amis always heals me! And the staff are all wonderful

by Carol D.

I saw Dr Gallagher for my 5 week appointment today. As usual, the office admin/nurse were very warm and friendly. Hardly any wait time in lobby or exam room. Dr. Gallagher talked with me, answered my questions, and tested how I was progressing. He said I was doing great and to continue working hard. Dr Gallagher and his staff are the best. My healing process has been incredible!

by F.parker

Visit with dr.gallagher to complete post ops after surgery. Very pleased with staff and dr. Gallagher. X-rays taken and reviewed by dr. He answered all my questions and outlined a plan for me. A highly professional practice.

by M Brenneman

Dr. Gallagher is great. When my knee pain became too servere to manage independently, I visited a different ortho who, after an MRI and one visit, said I should have surgery to "clean up" my knee and it would leave me unable to walk for six weeks. It seemed extreme and I was skeptical.

Dr G did a thorough examination, helped me plan a conservative treatment plan and took the time to answer any questions I had. After 2 years, I chose to replace my knee. He Ann's his staff walked me through questions and helped me prepare. The surgery went well, thanks to Dr G, and I am currently in the healing process and looking forward to all the things I will soon be able to do!

by Scott

I had broken my right thumb back in May 17th. First doctor believed I needed surgery, but I was skeptical and his bedside manner made me question his honesty. So I choose a 2nd opinion and set up an appointment with Dr. Amis, he examined my right thumb, felt there was no ligament damage, but he believed X-Rays where necessary to get a better look. After awhile when he got the results, he determined I didn't need surgery. Basically, keep my right thumb in a brace to keep it immobile and follow up on the 29th of June. On that day took more X-Rays Dr. Amis determines its healed, do some rehabbing for 3 weeks and afterwards should be able to resume normal activities. Well so far so, good (just a little pain and stiffness). Thank you Dr. Amis with your honesty and integrity by saving me thousands of dollars.

by Golnaz

I just saw Dr. Amis. He is a wonderful doctor. He gave me shot for my pain in my thumb. I was told it hurts a lot. I didn't feel much pain. I am very happy with him and his staff. I highly recommend him.

by Van

I saw Dr. Amis. He is amazing. I would highly recommend ATX Orthopedics with Dr. Amis.

by July 1, 2017, Gary Baggs

I would highly recommend ATX Orthopedics. I made an appointment with Doctor Gallagher as a second opinion for hip pain I was experiencing. Through his in house x-rays & review of my previous MRI, he was able to detect the issue, explain the problem in detail, and present me with options on my first appointment.

by Doug Williams

Saw Dr. Gallagher for knee pain. I had previously been to another orthopedist who eventually ordered an MRI for my knee. He reported that it showed an old injury that he felt had healed and he felt wasn't the source of my pain, and since my knee looked good otherwise, he diagnosed me with patellar tendonitis. Since that is treated with physical therapy, I underwent several months of physical therapy, and although my knee got stronger, it still hurt. So I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Gallagher for a second opinion, and brought a copy of my notes and MRI. Dr. Gallagher questioned me about the notes, "I see from your notes and MRI you have a lateral tear in your meniscus, but it is an old injury that isn't the source of your pain. How did the Dr. know that?" Dr. Gallagher quickly demonstrated through a series of prescribed manipulations on the knee that the meniscus tear was active and quite painfull! I scheduled an arthroscopic operation with Dr. Gallagher to trim the damaged tissue on my meniscus, and it went much easier than I was thinking. I didn't need the crutches or pain meds that were prescribed, I got by with Advil for a couple of days and then didn't need anything. I am doing physical therapy to regain flexibility in my knee (it got pretty stiff after the operation) and it is going well. In the meantime I can walk around and do my usual activities without the pain of the meniscus tear. And I am 70 year old. I highly recommend Dr. Gallagher.

by Janie Bethell

I was very appreciative of the efficiency, accessibility, and professionalism I experienced with my first appointment. Dr. Gallagher went over my x-rays with me and explained my situation completely. I was presented with treatment options and had input into my care plan. I would highly recommended the practice.

by Susan Niemtschk

Dr. Amis and the office staff are excellent. I am always greeted with a smile and never have to wait for my appointment time. Really can't say enough about this practice. Dr. Amis is the best! I tell everyone about him and the office staff and highly recommend them.

by Polly K.

As if the bedside manner, surgical expertise and well run office weren't enough: I have never had to wait to be seen! I have been seen right at my appointment time, never rushed. If I forget to ask a question, I can use the patient portal to send an email that gets answered quickly. Am very happy with the practice.

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