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by Emily

Dr. Amis was extremely helpful and wanted to help me understand what the problem was with my wrist in detail. He was not rushing to do surgery but to try one last option before surgery. He is such an awesome dr and highly highly recommend to anyone who needs a orthopedic. Will be transferring all my records from my previous orthopedic

by Gary Godwin

I just had Bilateral knee replacement by Dr Gallagher, I walked about 80 ft that same day after surgery, walked about 150 yards the next day and today maybe 250 yrds. I am elated with my outcome. Dr Gallagher uses Titanium Nitride knee and I currently have 2 nerve blocks that may last up to a week, my pain level is less than before I had surgery, I know the nerve blocks will eventually and should experience some pain but being able to get thru 1st week with a pain level of 1-2 is amazing. I would recommend Dr Gallagher to anyone needing knee replacement. His staff is wonderful, polite and informative. I give Dr Gallagher 5 star plus !

by Janie McClam

I broke my foot a few years ago and St. David’s Emergency sent me to Dr. Gallagher. My husband and I were so impressed with his knowledge and expertise and genuine helpfulness, he took care of my broken foot and operated on my husband’s Achilles. We both had excellent care and results. So when I needed my knee replaced, Dr. Gallagher was my first choice. And of course he did an excellent job from using a metal with an inside ceramic base to reduce metal allergy, a prescribed pain routine to include a pain ball, and antibiotic shots before leaving the hospital to lesson infection. I walk 4 miles 3Xs a week plus have continued my exercises. I am so happy with my new knee and highly recommend Dr. Gallagher. .

by Carol Koonce

I was referred by my hematologist after determining what was thought to be a blood cot was actually a cyst behind my left knee caused by bone on bone In my left knee. I was very impressed with Dr. Gallagher and the staff. I am putting off surgery as a precaution with COVID.
Will check back with them after COVID is not as rampant in Texas. Thank you Dr Gallagher and staff.

by George House

Dr. Amis and Dr. Barron have given me high hopes for a right hand 2 fingers repair in the near future..😁😁

by Brett

Doc Sean Gallagher and his staff are one of the most professional group that I have ever experienced. I felt so at ease and feel so confident that I made the right decision picking Doc Gallagher. We live three hours away in south Texas and it was well worth the drive up to Austin. I have several friends locally that are in need of hip replacement surgery and I will recommend Doc Gallagher.

by Rosemary Watkins

Dr. Amis deserves his outstanding reviews.

by Rosemary Watkins

I had a procedure yesterday afternoon and only took one dose of

by Lisa Goynes

Dr. Gallagher is amazing!!!! One of the reasons I chose Dr. Gallagher was the fact that I told him what I wanted to accomplish after my total hip replacement (run again, snowboard, do challenging hikes, etc.), and he didn't tell me, "No, you won't be able to do that." Instead, he gave me examples of clients that have accomplished what I wanted to do. Well, today, 7 1/2 months post-op, I ran a mile. I haven't been able to do that in over 5 years. Not only am I pain-free, but I HAVE MY LIFE BACK!!! His staff is wonderful, and he is a miracle worker with a great bedside manner. Thank you, Dr. Gallagher.

by Millie B

Thank you, Dr. Gallagher, for my FT Telemed appointments! I am grateful for your rare gifts/talents of not only clearly explaining diagnoses in detail, but for also making the time in your busy schedule to listen to my questions or concerns. Stay safe and be well- especially during this “corona time”. God bless you and yours.

by Brad Adams

My wife and I travel full time so trying to find an Ortho Surgeon we could trust was quite a task. Coming upon Dr. Gallagher was the best thing we could have done. Made the initial call 6 months ago and met with him on the 30th Nov. to review my case. Time well spent and all questions answered, we decided to have both knees replaced set a Nov 18th surgery date. I am now almost 3 weeks post surgery and walking on my own thanks to Dr Gallagher. I have been told that is almost unheard of for bilateral TKR but I do believe it all has to do with picking the right surgeon and having the confidence and drive to make it happen. I can not say enough how pleased and happy I am to have my legs and life back. Dr. Sean Gallagher and his staff went above and beyond my expectations and I believe this is how they treat all of their patients. You can not go wrong with Dr. Gallagher and ATX Ortho.
Thanks again,
Brad Adams

by April Garcia

I love Dr. Amis! My wrist was hurting so bad and I feel so lucky that I came to the best wrist doctor in town. He took the time to talk with me about my injury and options on how to cure my problem. He was really sweet and personable and wasn't bothered by my questions. My wrist is doing so much better and I can get back to making art again.

by phillip Roth

The level of care has exceeded my expectations.
I tell everyone that I meet that is looking for services that ATXortho could provide to make the move to ATXortho.

by Harry Leidel

Dr Gallagher figured out in one visit what 3 Orthopedics couldn't figure out in 6 months.I needed half my knee replaced. He did it. In one month I was walking without pain.people said that was not the norm but Gallagher did it. I would recommend him to any person needing leg or hip surgery.
His partner also is rated like Gallagher 5 stars at my Insurance company. I need Doctor Amis to fix a over year old pinch nerve in my elbow .He was stopped from surgery by my PC Doctor.He is also going to try to fix my right shoulder with a torn Bicep and Rotator Cuff it's a mess. he has been honest with me.I believe he will do his best and that's all I can ask. I know he will fix the pinch nerve with time the Cuff is loaded with arthritis I know he will do whats best for me. I have no doubt.Dr Amis and Gallagher are 2 of he best Doctors I am fortunate to have them plus they have a great staff. I have no fear with Doctor Amis. Need an Orthopedic Doctor you can't go wrong with these two Men at ATX Orthopedics. Harry Leidel Austin Texas

by Gloria Craven

Dr Gallagher exceeded my expectations. He is personable and easy to talk with. I did not feel rushed. He is extremely knowledgeable and will take as much time as is needed to make sure your questions are thoroughly answered.

by Suzanne M.

I am thankful that I found Dr. Sean Gallagher. From the moment I met him I knew that I was in good hands. It must have been his warm smile. He performed two hip replacements on me, one in June and the other in September. I think he did an awesome job. My recovery was quick and I experienced very minimal pain and felt great after both surgeries. The hip pain is completely gone and I can walk again. I'm so fortunate that God gave him a special gift to perform orthopedic surgery. Dr. Gallagher is an excellent surgeon and I would highly recommend him. He is a kind, gentle and caring person.

The entire staff at ATX Orthopedics is professional, efficient, friendly and warm.

Again, I thank you and your staff Dr. Gallagher. You all are the very best!!!

by Cindy Harvey

I have been (fortunate ?) now to have had the experience of both Dr’s Amis and Gallagher. I had rotator cuff surgery last Sept 2018 and was just about ready to go back to work (my job has many restrictions) when, while trying to get strong again, tore my right knee meniscus. Both Dr’s have been awesome, along with their staff. Don’t hesitate to talk with them if you need their services. Very professional but with great bedside manners! Thank you both!

by Jeanene Williams

Stop Here! You have found the right spot! Information on the internet is invaluable, but sometimes daunting. I desperately needed to have something done about my knee, as walking was an everyday challenge. Looked at four doctors, interviewed them in person and decided, without question, on Dr. Sean Gallagher.
That was the best decision ever. The doctor, his staff, his hospital and support personnel were excellent in every way. I felt well informed, confident in my doctor's knowledge and experience and well taken care of , all around.
I was scared, I was in pain and pretty anxious about the whole knee replacement experience. I cannot say enough about the professional care and courtesy that I received from Dr. Gallagher.
It's been two weeks and I am more mobile than I have been in the last 7 months. Unbelievable
I am so grateful to have had such a overall excellent experience, that I hope that this review can help someone else in making their decision with confidence.

by Andrea Lipizzi

In 2014 I broke my left heel and despite referrals from the ER staff I did my own research, which landed me at Dr. Gallagher's office (previous location). Being a newb to broken bones, casts, and crutch life, you could say my questions were many and likely verging on obnoxious—Dr. Gallagher was utterly and completely awesome. He helped make an otherwise frustrating time in my life simple and forward-looking and for that I cannot thank him enough! I'd meant to leave a review back in 2014 however, in what may sound contradicting, I'm glad I forgot... so I can give it to his [now] practice, ATX Ortho.

October 2016 I managed to break my right heel in nearly the same spot (and manner) as the left. What can I say, I'm talented? (insert foot-in-mouth emoji) One ER visit and a short face-palm pity party later, I sent Dr. Gallagher a message, who was kind enough to respond quickly and assure me that he is taking patients at his (new to me) practice.

I’m fully healed and have been for 2 years now. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Gallagher and his staff on all aspects. Billing is straightforward and there's no jumping through hoops or playing phone tag to understand charges. The receptionist is super sweet and helpful. Both nurses I dealt with I remembered from my first heel break and they were just as wonderful the second time around. I felt like I was talking with friends rather than being just another patient. It can be hard to find that combination of awesomeness between doctor and staff that results in an experience nothing short of fantastic—Dr. Gallagher and his team are absolutely that.

While I didn't see Dr. Amis for my injuries, I can attest to his character from the time I found myself directionally flustered crutching out of the office (the wrong way). Thanks, Dr. Amis, for redirecting me and making it comical!

I'm out of heels to break and hopefully bones all-together but you can guarantee that should I need an ortho in the future, it will be Dr. Gallagher and I to this day I continue to recommend ATXOrtho to anyone I cross paths with.

Hands down, amazing doctor and support group! Thank you for that, ATX Ortho!

by Ray Ranzau

I had a great knee replacement surgery with Dr. Gallagher. Absolutely no problems either with him or my new knee. I recommend him to all of my friends who ask me who did my knee replacement. And even though I live in San Antonio, I tell them that it is well worth the drive to Austin to have him for their doctor. And St. Elizabeth Ann Seton is also a great hospital...5 stars out of 5...

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