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by Isaac Reyes

An awesome experience with Dr.Amis. Staff members very professional and pleasant. Would recommend my family and friends to him. Thank you for such a great experience . Very happy.

by Bobby Manriquez

I was very pleased; my first visit with Dr. Amis was pleasant and productive. I am a guitarist/ singer songwriter, and my hands are vital. I had two concerns when I walked in, and both were vastly improved upon leaving. Dr Amis has a very nice manner. I will seek his help again. Very pleased !

by Jeri Schumacher

Staff very friendly and helpful. Dr. seems extremely important knowledgeable very kind. He seemed to have all the time necessary to dicuss plan of care in detail. I would have liked to discuss follow-up care in detail rather than being sent to a hospital class. I do not live in the city and it's a bit of a drive but I understand that's the new process. My experience so far has been great.

by Shirley Sneller

I have been so pleased with Dr. Gallagher and his staff. had a knee replaced last May and it was the easiest surgery I have every had. I am having my shoulder replaced in a couple of weeks. Dr. Gallagher is very personable, a wonderful bedside manner and answered every question I had. I have never had to wait more than 5 minutes and his staff is very helpful and friendly. I continually refer my friends to him. So very happy with his service and expertise.

by Gayle Satterfield

I saw Dr. Gallagher. I really like this guy. I came to him because of the recommendation of a of a friend who had a hip joint replacement and was very pleased. I was also pleased by the staff. There is a trend lately among medical professionals to make as pleasant experance as possible out of the care of patients. This experience starts with a higher standard of medical care and continues with the feelings of the patient. This practice is doing it right.

by Nisa Alfarache

Great experience overall.
Setting appointment was made easy with a helpful and friendly front desk staff. My wait time was about 5 mins which was awesome since I usually calculate wait time to see a doctor between 1/2 hr to 1hr. This tells me that the scheduling system in place is done well.
Also there was little to no paperwork to be filled out before seeing
Dr Ben Amis. Ashley (the doctors assistant/nurse) was very friendly and thorough in getting all the answers she needed about my pain, medications, history etc and made her own notes prior to Dr examination. Dr Amis presented himself with a lovely smile (always nice since Dr visits are not usually fun ), very approachable personality, very thorough examining my shoulder and wrist problem, explained exactly what was going on and used a dummy model of the muscle and tendons to make me fully understand and see what was causing my pain.
We all know that doctors are very busy and have multiple patients in different examining rooms waiting to be attended and most of the time I sense the feeling of being rushed but I must say this was not the case at all with Dr Amis. He was responsive to all my questions and gave me the time needed without feeling rushed.
Dr Amis will definitely be my 'TO GO DOCTOR' for any future orthopedic needs...Hopefully not anytime soon though 🙂 sorry Doc!!

by Christi Spencer

I saw Dr. Gallagher for chronic back pain and Dr. Amis for pain and numbing in my hand. Both times, I was referred by other orthopedists I'd visited and trusted. I was thrilled to have seen both of these exceptional professionals.

Dr. Gallagher was thorough about my diagnosis. He never pushed surgery, however, told me honestly that there was nothing he could do for me. He has the perfect personality for a surgeon. He asked countless questions and made a concerted effort to arrive at his diagnosis.

Likewise, Dr. Amis spoke with me in a very relaxed manner and asked many questions. It was obvious that, in my situation, he prefers non-invasive outcomes if surgery is absolutely not necessary.

Just to be sure, he has recommended another colleague for further diagnostics and care. He provided me with a comfortable brace and has asked to see me in a month. He will consider the upcoming tests that his colleague will perform to make further recommendations for my care.

On the two occasions that I visited the facility I found the staff to be friendly and welcoming. They did all they could to make me feel comfortable and relaxed. I wasn't made to feel like a person on a conveyor belt being rushed through the office.

Because of doctors like these, we can be assured we have trusted our health to capable hands.

by Darri

I just adore Dr. Amis and his staff!! Everyone knows who you are. Vicki can get you an appointment quickley. Dr. Amis spends time with his patients. I never feel rushed. SmDr. Amis is worlds above any other ortho I have ever seen!

by Martha

Both doctors are outstanding. I am about to have my second surgery with Dr. Gallagher and I am expecting great results like the first surgery!

by Itama, S

Wonderful experience. Thank you, Dr. Amis.

by Ashley G

Dr Gallagher was amazing!! Definitely recommend him.

by Chris U

Dr. Gallagher took the time to walk me through my x-rays, show me a model of a knee and what is going on, and then test my range of motion and point out the actual problem areas and how they are effecting my movements. It was exactly what I was looking for. I now have context and a better idea of what I need to do to make my knee issues manageable. I've visited a couple other orthopedists over the years but largely left unsatisfied. Dr. Gallagher will be my first call for any future orthopedist needs.

by Gary Jack

Extremely pleased with my latest appointment wit Dr. Gallagher. As always, he and the staff were very pleasant and very professional!

by Jarrel Jimmerson

Dr. Gallagher has been a great surgeon, both before the procedure and after. He took the time to discuss my personal diagnosis, treatment options, and let me make the best decision for myself. I had my procedure last week and have been very happy with the results so far. His follow up care has been top notch as well. I would highly recommend his services...


Dr. Gallagher is Amazing .... gentle and honest ..,

by Denise Baker

Just had my 2 year Post Op follow up with D. Sean Gallagher. His staff is very courteous and helpful. Dr. Gallagher is one of the few the actually cares about his patients and listens to all concerns. He will give his honest opinion and explains in great details so you know what to expect.

by Raul Flores

Excellent experience with Dr. Amis and Staff members thank you .

by Gary Jack

I just had a follow up visit with Dr. Amis and once again had a totally professional visit. The staff was great in all aspects, and Dr. Amis answered all of my questions completely. A wonderful experience!!

by Larry G. Hansen

Excellent experience. Thank you.

by Dr. Karl Cloninger

The best care, concern, and communications with other physicians ever. It was a complicated case, and we all came out winners! Thanks Dr. Gallagher!

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